Software Development

Cloud Software & Database Development

iDev has delivered a number of intranet databases and systems that improve productivity, reduce risk, aid collaboration and help to store knowledge and distribute it amongst staff members.

Some examples include;

  • Document Management: Document management of procecedure manuals, forms, publications etc. through a flexible feature rich database that allows for versioning, review reminders, offline editing and final publication by administrators so staff use the knowledge base to find the documents they need quickly and easily.
  • Staff Directories: Import of data from the HR system on regular basis to automatically add new employees and remove old records then edits can be performed by the system administrator to add missing information, photos etc. Staff can then browse or search this realtime to contact the people in their organisation they need to in order to get their job done quickly and efficiently.
  • IT Support Systems: IT Teams can log jobs when they are called on to provide IT support. PC end users can also log jobs on the intranet site and this automatically messages the IT support team. Updates and job resolution are done online so information is easily communicated to end users. This all saves time and money and builds an important IT support knowledgebase at the same time.
  • Staff Portals: More than an intranet this can pull together information from various systems and departments and make it all available in one place for staff to easily access and use to get their job done more easily and effieiently.
  • Industry & Client Portals: An industry based or client specific portal may by just the thing to give you the competitive edge. These systems can pull disparate information together and provide targeted and focused web services to your clients.
  • Intranet Content Management: Allows you to accept article submissions from staff, review and edit prior to your publishing decision. This is a great way to share information and collaborate with others in your organisation. There are many features that can be added including staff polling, news & weather feeds and resource links.

We Design, Develop, Install and Configure then follow-up with great technical support and manintenance.

If you have a need for a system like this or something unique to your business please contact us now to discuss your needs and we will be more than happy to give you advice and propose a solution that works for you.